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La Finca



At our terrain, we have woven a tapestry of activities deeply rooted in the principles of agroecology. Our various projects coexist in harmony and mutually benefit from the biological diversity they contribute to:


Holistic Land Management

Our approach begins with holistic land management, where we view our terrain as a dynamic and interconnected whole. We prioritise soil health, pasture vitality, and the well-being of our animals, fostering a harmonious relationship between land, livestock, and humans.


Animal Grazing Rotation

Our rotational grazing system is a symphony of balance. We move our animals strategically across pastures and within our food forests, allowing the land to rest and regenerate while promoting nutrient cycling and healthy grasslands. It's a dance that both sustains and rejuvenates.


Food Forests

Within our landscape, we've carefully nurtured thriving food forests. These lush and biodiverse ecosystems mimic the resilience of natural forests while offering a bounty of perennial, edible plants. 


Vegetable Garden

In our vegetable garden, we've embraced the principles of no-till farming. By avoiding disruptive tillage, we protect soil structure, reduce erosion, and enhance carbon sequestration, resulting in healthier and more resilient soils. We also embrace permaculture principles to create very productive, resilient, low-maintenance agricultural systems that mimic natural ecosystems.


Ecological Apiculture

Our passion for ecological apiculture is evident in our thriving beehives. We tend to our bees with care, recognizing their crucial role in pollination and the delicate balance of our ecosystem. Their honey, a gift from the land, reflects the vitality of our terrain.


Water Management

We use advanced water management systems that capture and store rainwater, recharge groundwater levels, reduce runoff, and mitigate soil erosion. Our goal is to reduce reliance on limited water resources for irrigation and promote responsible water use.

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