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Sponsor a Beehive: Support Polinisators and Biodiversity

Discover a unique way to make a difference in bee conservation and the environment! Sponsor a beehive and be part of an initiative that protects and preserves these valuable creatures. As a sponsor, you will receive fresh and natural honey, collected by our hardworking bees, available in the summer of 2024.

The Beekeeper

In our sponsorship program, we ensure that your beehive is attended to by a professional beekeeper throughout the year. Their dedication and expertise ensure the well-being of the bees, ensuring they produce the highest quality and best-tasting honey. With their constant care, the bees work in harmony, collecting nectar and pollen to create exceptional honey.

The Honey

As part of the sponsorship program, you will receive unique and authentic honey, produced naturally and sustainably by the bees in your own beehive. These diligent collectors extract pollen and nectar from the native forests of Galicia and our organic garden, giving your honey a distinctive flavor and character that reflects the natural environment in which it is produced.


Your Very Own Organic Galician Honey!

Honey Jars

Full Hive

Apicultor holding a hive

Half Hive

Apicultor at work

Visit your Bee Hive


When will I receive the honey from my beehive?

Starting in the summer of 2024, you will receive all 10 kg of honey from your beehive in 500-gram jars in a single shipment.

How is the honey I receive produced?

The honey we send is produced naturally and sustainably by our bees, which collect pollen and nectar from the native forests of Galicia and our organic garden.

What happens after the sponsorship period ends?

After the one-year sponsorship period ends, you can choose to renew your commitment and continue supporting the bees and the environment.

How can I personalize the honey jars I receive as a sponsor?

When filling out the form, let us know the name you would like the beehive to carry, and you're all set.

What am I going to do with so many kilograms of honey?

You don't have to worry; natural honey remains in perfect condition over time. You can store it without any issues and enjoy it whenever you like. We are confident that once you taste it, you will be captivated and enjoy it quickly. Additionally, you can share the wonderful honey from your beehive with your loved ones.

In what form does the honey come?

Our exquisite honey is in liquid form when extracted from the hives and packaged in our glass jars. Since it is pure honey without additives, it is normal for it to crystallize due to changes in room temperature. If you wish to consume it in its liquid state, you can gently warm it using the double boiler technique.

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