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At BASI, our story is deeply intertwined with the Earth itself. Our journey into the world of agroecology and regenerative landscaping has been a testament to our commitment to sustainability, biodiversity, and the vital connection between humans and the land.

Founding Roots

Our company was founded by a couple of passionate individuals who shared a common vision: to transform landscapes into thriving ecosystems that echo with the rhythms of nature. It all began with the purchase of a 13-hectare terrain in rural Galicia, Spain, and a collective and profound understanding of the need for change in the way we interact with our environment.

As we delved deeper into the world of sustainable land management, we discovered the profound wisdom of agroecology and its holistic approach to farming and land stewardship. 

Embracing the principle of agroecology, we set out to create a company that would not only focus on production and soil regeneration in our own land but also provide regenerative designs for all types of landscapes, urban and rural alike. We aim to show that, even on a small balcony, you can create an aesthetical ecosystem benefiting biodiversity and even some sustainable food incomes. 

Our Expertise

What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to regeneration. We don't just design landscapes; we nurture life. We prioritize biodiversity, sustainable agriculture, and holistic land management both in our own terrain and in every project we undertake. Our goal is to leave a lasting legacy of thriving ecosystems for generations to come. Over the years, we've honed our expertise in agroecology, permaculture, holistic land management, and regenerative practices. Our team of dedicated professionals combines knowledge from various fields to craft landscapes that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional ecosystems.

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